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Study on Environmental Pollution and Governance in Rural Development


Jiang WANG (Associate Professor) and Peng LIU (LLM Candidate) jointly published an article entitled Study on Environmental Pollution and Governance in Rural Development in volume 28(12) of the Fresenius Environmental Bulletin.

Abstract: Environmental pollution in China rural has become a major topic of public debate and political concern. At the same time, few rural areas are subjected to measurements of environmental quality, and the phenomenon of cross-flow of sewage still exists. As the state is vigorously promoting the construction of new rural in China, it is of great practical significance to study the environmental pollution in and governance in rural. Domestic sewage is a key source of surface water pollution in rural areas of developing countries, especially in China, where a large amount of highly concentrated nutrients is directly discharged into the receiving waters. Therefore, in this study, the status of environmental pollution is present and governance strategy is prosed. Establishing and improving laws and regulations on environmental protection, strengthening research and planning and strengthening environmental protection management should be conducted. This will provide a useful reference and guidance for rural environmental pollution and governance.

Wang, J. & Peng, L (2019). Study on Environmental Pollution and Governance in Rural Development, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 28(12). Available here: https://www.prt-parlar.de/download_feb_2019/

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