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Message from Dean HUANG Xisheng


Dear leaders and colleagues:

I sincerely thank the School Party Committee for their trust and confidence. I thank all the leaders for their love and dedication, and thank the teachers and staff for their strong support! Sincere thanks is owed to the former dean and secretary for establishing a solid foundation upon which we place the future development of our School! I look forward to, as your Dean, to have greater opportunities to serve and contribute to the School of Law, and to add one more chapter to my vibrant career. Today, as I enter a new role in the Law School I begin a new era of life. I promise to do my best, fulfill your expectations and to safeguard the trust that the School’s party organization, leaders and colleagues have placed in me. To this end, I wish to say three things:

First, a Dean plays many roles and should strive to have the highest moral standards, be an advocate, strategist, service leader, decision-maker, defender, and coordinator, among other things. In short, the role of a dean is one of selfless service, acting as a stepping stone for the development of the department and a protector and guide of our faculty and staff. When we work together, we can achieve greatness. This is my understanding of the post, may it serve as a guide for my future work.

Second, a dean must have an in-depth understanding of the situation of the college and a thorough grasp of its direction of development. The current status of our work helps us to determine to which destination we must travel to and the direction we must go. I will continue to study in depth, learn with humility, and work with the teachers and students of our School in the following tasks: 1) respect public opinion, unite people's hearts and conduct scientific decision-making through democratic deliberation; 2) Establish a system of rules and regulations, standardize management, and be a fair and just dean who promotes integrity; 3) Pay equal attention to teaching and research, cultivate the minds of our students and faculty, develop the discipline and push us to achieve the best we are capable of; 4) Strengthen exchange, ensure we are on the cutting edge; 5) Ensure the development of the market and serve the society; find new sources of funding and make the best use of our current resources. 6) Ensure unity and cooperation, harmonious development, where all are welcome to share in it fairly. This is my initial thinking on the future development of the college and the goals of our future work.

Third, strengthen moral cultivation and strive to succeed in my new position. At last year’s graduation ceremony, President ZHOU said: “he who earns respect in society, can trust in their post and rely on their family" (在社会上赢得尊重,在岗位上值得信任,在家庭中可以依靠). In line with this, I strive to be a man of integrity at home and at work, to care for society and to do the right thing. Although my post changed, my heart has not. I will, as always, maintain a clear and easy-going mind, maintain a simple and friendly lifestyle, and continue to work in a practical and enterprising way. I will continue to ensure that this post is used in the public good, not for the individual; to be unbiased and fair towards all of our staff and students across all departments of the university and law school. I will continue to treat everyone equally, handle everything fairly, and develop every discipline. I will always be clear-headed, strictly demanding on myself, consciously accepting the oversight of the Department. I will be sure to be respectful, caution, self-reflective and encouraging. I pledge to be self-respecting, self-examination, self-policing, and self-motivated. Of course, no one is perfect, and I certainly have I also have some shortcomings. I urge you to be critical and I pledge to accept it with humility and improve my actions. At the same time, I also ask everyone for their understanding, trust, support and help. The Tao of the Tao Te Ching states, "natural law has no bias," (有德司契,无德司徹)and "to only be kind to peopl" (天道无亲,惟与善人)I must be and will strive to be a competent dean.

Colleagues! This law school is everyone’s law school. The development of the college requires us all to care, contribute, build and maintain together! I sincerely hope that everyone will unite in good faith, work together, work hard, and build a harmonious, developed, fair and shared law school! I believe that our law school will have a better tomorrow! Finally, I wish you all a happy Teacher's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival! Thank you!

HUANG Xisheng,

Dean, School of Law, Chongqing University

—Speech at the inauguration ceremony of the Dean of the School of Law